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About Spy-Fy

Together we can make the digital world more private.

Our mission: To protect digital privacy for all people.

Our vision: We believe in privacy without compromise. Our goal is to create products that allow people to make use of today’s technology, without having to sacrifice their privacy.

Our values:

Privacy awareness. With privacy, we can live freely. When individuals are privacy-aware, they become empowered to make their own informed privacy decisions, instead of allowing companies, governments and other actors to make these decisions for them. For this reason, we believe in spreading privacy awareness.

Sustainability. We believe that privacy and sustainability can and should work hand in hand. We don’t want to sacrifice one on the behalf of the other. That’s why we have removed single-use plastics from our packaging.

Our story

Where we began…

Spy-Fy began when our two co-founders Ties and Peter came together to develop ideas for products that are easy to use, understandable for non-tech people, and provide solutions for the privacy problems of today and tomorrow.

The seed of inspiration that would eventually grow into Spy-Fy was planted a long time ago. One of our founders, Ties, grew up reading books like George Orwell’s 1984, jamming to Rage Against the Machine and enjoying the art of Banksy. He felt inspired by the common theme of individuals standing up for their rights, even in today’s connected world. For Ties, privacy was clearly one of these rights that needed to be protected, and he wanted to find a way to make a difference.

In his own life, he noticed the news covering stories on the dangers of webcam hacking. In today’s digital world, using technology is a fundamental part of our everyday lives. Driven by the desire to stand up for digital privacy rights, he looked for a solution that could protect people against webcam hacking. The answer was simple, he needed to develop a webcam cover.


Classmates became friends, and friends became business partners…

Ties and Peter were both pursuing their Master’s in entrepreneurship in Amsterdam. During this time they discussed Ties’ webcam cover idea. Like many people, Peter had been using a piece of tape as a DIY webcam cover, and saw a need for a more elegant and professional-looking solution. He believed that the webcam cover could be huge with just a few key adjustments, and that’s when our co-founders began to work together. From that point on, Spy-Fy was born.

With the invention of the Spyslide® Webcam Cover in 2017, people no longer had to deal with the frustration of using tape and post-its on their laptops to cover their webcams. But we didn’t stop there. Webcam covers provide a solution to webcam hacking, but there are numerous other privacy issues that must be addressed.

Where we are now…

We want to work together to solve the privacy problems that will emerge as technology continues to evolve. We want to inspire others to take up the privacy awareness cause with us. That’s why we want to provide the opportunity for other companies to brand our products with their logo. Together, we can give the gift of privacy awareness to friends, family, clients, colleagues, customers, and business relations.

In line with our vision of privacy without compromise, Spy-Fy has moved forward with a range of customizable products and add-ons that allow people to use today’s technology without having to compromise on their right to privacy. Spy-Fy develops and manufactures accessible analog solutions to digital privacy problems. We want to guarantee your digital privacy so that you can use today’s technological conveniences.

We are proud of our growing list of large and small customers to whom we deliver our privacy products. With a growing international team and ambitions, we promise to work every day to make the digital world a safer place so that we can all enjoy our right to privacy, without compromise.

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