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Why don’t we sell Microphone Blockers?

At Spy-Fy we stand behind privacy solutions that work. Solutions that can guarantee the protection of your digital privacy. Despite what others may say, mic blockers do not prevent eavesdropping or audio hacking on your laptop, Macbook, iPhone or smartphone. For this reason, we will not sell mic blockers. Continue reading below to learn why microphone blockers are no more than “snake oil” solutions.

Why don’t Microphone Blockers work?

To clarify why a microphone blocker doesn’t work, it is first necessary to understand the logic behind so-called “mic blockers” (also called “mic locks”).

Microphone blockers are inserted into your device’s audio jack. Once plugged in, your device is tricked into thinking that there is an incoming audio signal (i.e. sounds or noises). Because the microphone blocker is not actually sending a signal, there should be silence on the receiving side of things (in this case a hacker). Your privacy is now secured and locked up, right?

Unfortunately, your laptop, smartphone, iPhone or Macbook has other hidden microphones than can be compromised. A hacker has software control and can choose which microphone they want to use. If one is blocked, they can use another. This is why mic blockers do not work. Using a mic blocker to secure your audio privacy is like locking your front door but leaving open a window. We don’t want to sell a solution that is ineffective against hackers eavesdropping on your device.

Instead, provide your employees, clients and professional connections with real digital privacy solutions. Check out our custom privacy products that can be fully printed with your logo.

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Is Big Brother listening in on me?

Probably not. Although some individuals may be paranoid about the government eavesdropping on them, the FBI says that wiretapping, as it is commonly called, is “used infrequently and only to combat terrorism and the most serious crimes”. So, as long as you do not pose a serious risk to society, the chance that your device is bugged is slim.

Are advertisers listening in on me?

Picture this: you are talking with your friends about pizza. Moments later you notice your social media is flooded with pizza ads. Is this just a coincidence? Or is someone listening in? The answer is complex. Today’s advertisers have access to large amounts of data which can be used to predict your future online behavior. With this information, advertisers can target ads your way at the ideal moment. This is why it might feel like you have been bugged.

Even if you are actually bugged, a microphone blocker will not help. Hackers have software control and can choose to send the microphone reception to others microphones in your device.

If I can’t use a microphone blocker, what can I do to protect my digital privacy?

Unfortunately, there are other parties and companies on the market willing to sell you microphone blockers and other false solutions. Spy-Fy offers real digital privacy solutions that will keep you protected including:

  • Custom Webcam Cover: With this handy webcam slider, you have control over what you want to share. A practical and elegant solution against webcame espionage.
  • Custom USB Data Blocker: This USB connector blocks unauthorized data transfers. Charge your phone and tablet safely while using public charging stations.
  • Custom JuiceBack Data Blocking Cable: A universal 3 in 1 charging cable that blocks data transfers. Charge your iPhone or smartphone safely at public USB ports at the airport, the mall, a hotel or wherever you go!
  • Custom RFID Blocking Card: Protect all your cards against wireless theft and manipulation. Place the RFID Blocking Card in your wallet and feel more secure.