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Protecting Your Digital Footprint from Flipper Zero with Spy-Fy’s Faraday Bags


Unveiling the Flipper Zero: A Hacker’s Swiss Army Knife In the world of crowd-sourced funding, few projects stand out like the Flipper Zero. This pocket-sized multipurpose hacking tool, took Kickstarter by storm. A staggering 37,987 backers wholeheartedly believed in its potential, and collectively, they pledged an impressive $4,882,784 to bring this innovative project to life. […]

The Ultimate Guide to iPhone Privacy Cases


This guide provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the different features for iPhone privacy cases available, and what to consider when choosing one. In today’s digital age, our smartphones are an essential part of our daily lives, from communication to banking, and even personal security. But with that convenience comes the risk of privacy […]

5 ways the new iPhone 14 (Pro Max) can be hacked

UPDATE 2023: Apple has launched its new iPhone 14. The four models that are released: Apple iPhone 14 Apple iPhone 14 Plus; Apple iPhone 14 Pro; Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max. While the new model might be convenient, more than half of the people that use an iPhone are unaware that it can easily be […]

What is GDPR in cybersecurity and does it work?

Spy-Fy What is GDPR in cybersecurity and does it work

In 2018, a new data protection law was implemented in the EU. The new legislation was named the General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR in short. It was the replacement of a dated policy for online protection. The former policy hadn’t been changed for over two decades. Of course, our online presence has changed a lot […]

USB data blockers: everything you need to know

USB data blockers everything you need to know

Every single day, the devices that we use generate a ton of data. The amount of data that we generate is also growing at an incredible pace, partly due to the growth of the Internet of Things. Expectations are that in just 2,5 years, we will produce around 463 exabytes of data each day worldwide. […]

The dangers of juice jacking for your organization and how to prevent it

Imagine a business that is still fully reliant on pens and paper, writing down every single detail that is needed to run the business successfully. In our modern-day age, this is a mere illusion for even the smallest companies or organizations. Technology is a great gift and comes with many conveniences. It enables people to […]

5 ways to protect your privacy online

5 ways to protect your privacy online

The past couple of years our societies have been shaken up by the COVID-19 pandemic. Fargoing influences on our social life and interactions allround were the result. Although in many places the most limiting restrictions have been lifted, some changes seem to be more permanent. Working from home and meeting through video-conferencing tools like Zoom […]

Internet Security: Why You Should Cover Your Webcam

Internet Security: Why You Should Cover Your Webcam

[gap height=”40px”] Protecting your privacy while navigating online should be a number one priority to any person spending a considerable amount of time on the internet.   Sometimes, it may be easy to think that cyberattacks only happen to big companies and friends, and that they would never actually happen to you. This line of thinking […]