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Protecting Your Digital Footprint from Flipper Zero with Spy-Fy’s Faraday Bags


Unveiling the Flipper Zero: A Hacker’s Swiss Army Knife In the world of crowd-sourced funding, few projects stand out like the Flipper Zero. This pocket-sized multipurpose hacking tool, took Kickstarter by storm. A staggering 37,987 backers wholeheartedly believed in its potential, and collectively, they pledged an impressive $4,882,784 to bring this innovative project to life. […]

The Ultimate Guide to iPhone Privacy Cases


This guide provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the different features for iPhone privacy cases available, and what to consider when choosing one. In today’s digital age, our smartphones are an essential part of our daily lives, from communication to banking, and even personal security. But with that convenience comes the risk of privacy […]

Why giveaways promote your sales and create a positive work environment

Giveaways create a better work environment

The holidays are a time of giving and giveaways. Whether to your employees or other business relations, gifts have become essential to many of the greatest entrepreneurs. During Christmas and at the beginning of the new year, it has become quite normal to provide gifts and show your appreciation to your business relationship. Simply as […]

A guide to gifts for business owners

business relationships gifts for business owners originele relatiegeschenken origineel relatiegeschenk

As a professional company, you probably put a lot of effort into maintaining meaningful relationships. Of course, maintaining good relationships with clients is essential. However, a good relationship with other business owners is perhaps even more important. Beyond regular contact, it is vital to build a bond of trust, something that is of great value […]

Cyber Security for Companies: 5 questions and answers

cyber security for company

In today’s day and age, cyber security for companies is evolving rapidly. The expectations of privacy that either companies or individuals have are fast changing and somewhat hard to grasp. Whether it is a data breach at T-Mobile, a change in leadership at Twitter, or a change in legislation; anything can be of influence on […]

The increased possibility of a Twitter data breach after Musk took over

twitter data breach

Is a Twitter data breach more likely after Elon Musk completed the acquisition of the platform? In dramatic fashion, the wealthiest man in the world bought Twitter at the end of October 2022. After initially intending to buy the platform, Musk cancelled the acquisition last minute. Yet, after some lawsuits, he was forced to proceed […]

Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework: everything you need to know 

trans atlantic data privacy framework

On the 15th of March 2022, the European Commission and the United States (US) announced that they had agreed on a new Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework. The framework is designed in such a way that it would regulate trans-Atlantic data flows. Or, more specifically, the data flows between the United States and Europe.  Why was […]

Why a sliding webcam cover is essential for individuals and companies

sliding webcam cover

A sliding webcam cover might be the single most essential attribute to protect the privacy of individuals, employees, and employers. Indeed, it’s no secret that there is a growing consensus in the business world that employees should be able to work remote. More and more people work from the convenience of their home, or while […]

Expectation of privacy at work and while working remote

expectation of privacy

[ux_text font_size=”4″] Remote working: a phenomenon that has gained more and more popularity around the world. There are good reasons why this is the case, since studies show that it can save up a lot of time and costs.  For example, a study from the first three months of the COVID-19 pandemic showed that U.S. […]