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Custom webcam cover

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Spy-Fy Webcam Cover

What is a Webcam Cover?

People spend an average of 4 hours per day behind their laptop.

A webcam cover is a handy slider that prevents webcam espionage by blocking the webcam. Simply slide open the webcam cover when you use your webcam, and slide it shut whenever you want to be protected. Stop webcam snoops in their tracks! This webcam cover is suitable for laptops, Macbooks, and tablets.

All webcam covers can be full color printed with your logo and include a personalized business card.

Overview of Custom Webcam Covers

custom webcam cover branded with logo
personalised custom webcam cover

What are the printing options?

All webcam covers can be fully customized to your liking. Add your logo and pick your shape and color! The accompanying business card contains a user manual and can be personalized and printed to fit your needs.

Printable dimensions:

Examples of custom Webcam Covers:

Examples of custom Webcam Cover packaging

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Price Overview

100€ 4.545-15 working days
250€ 2.705-15 working days
500€ 2.135-15 working days
1,000€ 1.675-15 working days
2,500€ 1.325-15 working days
5,000€ 1.215-15 working days
10,000€ 1.095-15 working days
>10,000on requeston request
100€ 3.955-15 working days
250€ 2.355-15 working days
500€ 1.855-15 working days
1,000€ 1.455-15 working days
2,500€ 1.155-15 working days
5,000€ 1.055-15 working days
10,000€ 0.955-15 working days
>10,000on requeston request
100£ 3.755-15 working days
250£ 2.235-15 working days
500£ 1.765-15 working days
1,000£ 1.385-15 working days
2,500£ 1.095-15 working days
5,000£ 1.005-15 working days
10,000£ 0.905-15 working days
>10,000on requeston request

* Prices shown include accompanying card, printing, blister packaging, and design assistance.

* Lead time depends on quantity.

* Prices are subject to change.

What our verified customers say via Kiyoh™:

Jeff - New York
The service that you want
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We ordered a bunch of privacy kits to spread among our employees. All in all the process went extremely smooth. Wesley thinks along with designs, shipment and is (almost) always available! Highly recommended doing business with these guys.
Tom K. - NY
Cool give-aways
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Ordered webcam covers for a virtual event. All was delivered in time. Quality as expected!

More information about our custom Webcam Covers

Why should you use a webcam cover?

Webcam covers are a simple solution for keeping people from peeping through your camera, smartphone or other devices. With a webcam cover, you can easily stop people from spying on you. It’s a solution you don’t have to be an IT expert to understand: if your webcam is covered, then images from your camera are not visible. Webcam hacking is relatively easy. Although the chance that it will happen to you may be slim, the possibility still exists. A webcam cover is an easy and cheap way to prevent this!

Why use our personalized webcam slide instead of a webcam sticker?

The key difference between our webcam cover and the competition is functionality. We use a sliding system, while others use the sticking system. Both products will cover your webcam. But with a sticker, you have to keep removing and sticking it back over the camera. Over time, the sticker may lose its adhesive power. Our product uses a sliding system so that it will last longer. Simply slide it open when you want to use your camera, and slide it shut to lock your camera back up. Additionally, our product was designed to be thin enough for MacBooks and other thin laptops. Cheap webcam covers branded with logos are often too thick or have too short of a lifespan. In contrast, our webcam slide covers are thin and long lasting.

What are the benefits of using a branded webcam cover slide for your company?

Privacy is important! Companies have the responsibility of protecting their customers’ data. Creating privacy awareness with branded privacy gadgets can help let your customers know that your company cares about their privacy. Or, you can give away this product to your employees, clients or other business relations to help convey the message that privacy matters to your company. Every day people spend hours behind their computers. By adding a webcam cover with your logo to their computer, they will see your logo every day. This will increase your brand awareness and encourage your clients, consumers and employees to associate your brand with privacy awareness.

How have our previous clients used our privacy products?

The majority of our previous clients have used our products to spread the message that privacy matters to their business partners and customers. They have done this by sending their personalized webcam covers to their customers, using them as give-aways at events, and giving them as personal gifts to express appreciation. Our privacy products have been distributed within organizations to help increase privacy awareness and add to the organization’s professional image.

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