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iPhone 13 Pro Max Privacy Case

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$44.95 .

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The iPhone 13 Pro Max Privacy Case with Camera Covers for the Selfie & Rear Camera

Fits iPhone 13 Pro Max (6.7-inch);

  • Front (Selfie) and Rear Camera Covers;
  • 6 Foot / 2 Meters Drop Tested;
  • Made From Thermoplastic Polyurethane with Metal Chrome Buttons;
  • Air Cushion Technology;
  • Raised Edge Frame;
  • Supports Wireless Charging;
  • Face ID Compatible;
  • Flashlight Compatible;
  • Designed in The Netherlands.

From the bedroom to the bathroom, our smartphones travel with us wherever we go, even when we are in our most private moments. Imagine what could happen if someone gained access to these cameras without you knowing? The new iPhone 13 Pro Max Privacy Case with Camera Covers simultaneously protects your iPhone and your privacy. A simple slide system on both the front and rear camera prevents camera hacking at all times. The iPhone Privacy Case does NOT limit the use of Face ID, flashlight, or any other functionality for that matter.

To avoid ordering the wrong Privacy Case; please check that the model of your iPhone is the same model as this Privacy Case before purchasing. You can do this by going to your Settings > General > About > Model Name

The iPhone Privacy Case is a collaboration between Spy-Fy® and Valenta. 


Toilet texters and Netflix and chillers can probably agree that there are some moments we’d rather keep to ourselves. Unsecured cameras on your iPhone present the possibility that someone else might be peeping in on your most private moments. Worry not; with an iPhone 13 Pro Max privacy case with camera cover, you can take back control of your privacy. Stop iPhone camera hacking and reclaim your private moments. 

iPhone 13 Pro Max Privacy Case Dimensions:

Weight 46g
Height 6.5 inches
Width 3.27 inches
Lens Clearance 1mm
Screen Protector -1mm off display size (6.066-inch)

How long does my shipment & delivery take?

All iPhone 13 Pro Max Privacy Case orders are shipped with tracking by local carriers from our distribution centres in the US, Germany and the Netherlands depending on your orders delivery destination. Please refer to our Shipping & Delivery page for further information on shipment and estimated delivery times.

What is an iPhone 13 Pro Max camera cover?

An iPhone 13 Pro Max camera cover is a tool that blocks an iPhone’s camera. The iPhone 13 Pro Max has both a front (selfie) camera and rear cameras. An iPhone 13 Pro Max camera cover is necessary to prevent camera hacking. The iPhone 13 Pro Max front camera coverensures that the front camera is also secured in between selfies. According to Forbes, an ethical hacker found vulnerabilities that could allow iPhone cameras to be hacked last spring. To prevent someone from watching you from the other side of your iPhone camera, the iPhone 13 Pro Max case with camera cover blocks the front and rear cameras on your iPhone. The front and rear iPhone 13 Pro Max camera covers are easily slid open for camera access. With this case, you decide when your camera is ready for use. When you’re done with the camera, slide the cover shut to turn the lights out on would-be camera hackers. 

Why doesn’t a regular webcam cover work on the iPhone 13 Pro Max? 

A regular webcam cover isn’t sufficient for two reasons. First, standard webcam covers are designed horizontally. However, the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a different camera placement orientation. A regular webcam cover would block other sensors on the iPhone. This would hinder functionality, such as preventing the use of the flashlight. On the front of your iPhone, a webcam cover would block Face ID. Spy-Fy designed the iPhone 13 Pro Max privacy case with camera cover with functionality in mind so that you can use your iPhone the same way you always do. 

Can I still take selfies and use Face ID with the iPhone 13 Pro Max case with camera cover?

Selfie addicts fear not; the iPhone 13 Pro Max front camera cover slides open to allow for easy camera access. Likewise, Face ID is just a simple slide away. Functionality and fashion go hand in hand with this case. 

Does the rear iPhone 13 Pro Max camera cover block the flashlight? 

Instant flashlight access is always available with the iPhone 13 Pro Max privacy case with camera cover. This means the flashlight is accessible even when the rear camera is covered!

Why do the materials used in this case matter?

Materials used in the iPhone 13 Pro Max case with camera cover were selected for their shock-absorbing properties. This case was designed to be durable yet elegant. 

What does ‘drop-tested’ mean?

Dropping your iPhone happens to the best of us. This iPhone 13 Pro Max privacy case with camera cover was drop-tested to ensure your iPhone is protected during those accidental “oops!” moments. The drop-testing for this case was done from 6 feet. That’s about the height of a refrigerator or the length of a twin-sized mattress. 

What does the air cushioning technology and raised edge frame do?

The iPhone 13 Pro Max case with camera cover has top-notch technology to keep your iPhone safe. The air cushioning technology provides shock absorption. The raised edge frame and honeycomb structure prevent scratches and damage. Together, these features offer military-grade protection. 

What is unique about Dutch design?

Dutch design is known for its simplicity and elegance. The iPhone 13 Pro Max privacy case with camera cover has a minimalist yet effective design. This case proves that privacy and style should not and need not be compromised.  

Why are the Dutch origins of this case relevant?

The Dutch are known as world leaders in privacy protection. That’s why privacy was paramount in the design of this iPhone 13 Pro Max case with camera cover. The privacy problem was clear, camera hacking. The challenge was to design a case that could solve this problem while still allowing for the total accessibility of iPhone 13 Pro Max features such as the flashlight and Face ID. The functionality of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is kept intact, while this case provides robust protection against camera hacking. You can use your iPhone the way it was meant to be used while taking back control of your private moments.

Available models:

2 reviews for iPhone 13 Pro Max Privacy Case

  1. David Stackhouse (verified owner)

    This is a wonderful case! I don’t usually write reviews but this fit my new iPhone so perfectly. It protects the cameras and the covers are easy to open and shut. Definitely great for privacy as the phone cameras only shows black when they are closed. The phone flashlight is always accessible as the company said. I’ve never been excited for a phone case before but this one was worth the cost and wait during shipping! Recommend this for any privacy minded individuals or people who just want to protect their phone cameras.

  2. Jo

    After a month I have to say that I made the right choice in buying this iphone cover. I would buy it again and recomment the product.

    I actually purchased the iphone 13 pro max cover and like it very much.
    There is enough space to put a tempered glass screen protector on the screen, if you want to.

    My favorite thing is feeling safe by having both front and back camera covers. I could not find any other cover that had this.

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