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RFID Blocking Cards: Protect your cards against skimming | 3-Pack

$22.95 .

Are you worried about someone stealing your credit, debit, or ID card information without you knowing?

Our RFID Blocking Card is the best RFID privacy protection gadget on the market. This handy device emits a 13.56 MHz Jamming Signal that blocks any unwanted scanners from accessing the data on your credit and debit cards, personal ID cards, passports or even security access cards.

Unlike the old RFID blocking wallets and sleeves, the Spy-Fy RFID Blocking Card offers active protection of your data by creating an extended range of protection.

The practical design of the RFID Blocking Card allows you to protect your data subtly, without having to change your favorite wallet. At the size of a regular credit car, it fits in any regular card slot so you won’t even notice it’s there.

Key Features:

  • Active 13.56 MHz Jamming Signal
  • Protects your Credit/Debit Card Data
  • Protects your personal information ID Cards, Passports, Security Cards
  • Easy & Simple to use (No batteries required)
  • Innovative Dutch Design
  • Slim Design: Fits any card slot in your wallet.
  • Estimated delivery time between 5 – 10 business days

At Spy-Fy we understand the marketing trends of the future. That is why we offer the RFID Blocking Card with your logo as a branded product that any company can use as a part of their promotional products. Provide your most loyal customers with a useful device that will protect their privacy every day while simultaneously increasing your brand awareness.


Our RFID Blocking Card is the best RFID privacy gadget on the market. This handy card transmits a 13.56 MHz blocking signal. The signal ensures that malicious and unwanted card skimmers cannot access personal data from your credit cards, ID cards, passport or other access cards. Old RFID blocking wallets and covers offer passive protection. The Spy-Fy RFID Blocking Card offers active protection for your cards by creating an extensive protection zone. The practical design of the RFID Blocking card allows it to fit right into your wallet without forcing you to make room for a larger, bulkier gadget or having to say goodbye to your favorite wallet. At the size of a credit card, the RFID blocking card will fit in any wallet!

How long does my shipment & delivery take?

All RFID Blocking Card orders are shipped by mail (without tracking) by local carriers from our distribution centres in the US, Germany and the Netherlands depending on your orders delivery destination. Please refer to our Shipping & Delivery page for further information on shipment and estimated delivery times.

Why should you use an RFID Blocking Card?

Whenever you make a wireless payment with a credit card or bank card, check in on public transport, or scan your passport or ID card, RFID chip radiation is used to exchange information. While this technology has made life easier and more efficient, it has also put your personal data at risk from card skimming. When your cards are sitting in your wallet, the possibility exists that outside scanners or malicious card skimmers could try to pick up  and read this information from the RFID chip in your cards. Quite simply, the purpose of an RFID Blocking Card is all in its name; it blocks RFID technology information exchange. By blocking RFID signals, it keeps malicious parties from stealing your data!

How does it work?

RFID blocking cards can work either passively or actively. Passive protection ensure that RFID signal is absorbed or blocked. Active RFID protection uses a microchip that sends out a disturbing signal. This signal prevents the cards around it from sending signals to receivers. Therefore, all surrounding cards can no longer be read remotely. The advantage of active protection is that the signal emitted from the card can create a safe zone of protection in your wallet. Our RFID Blocking Cards use active protection to keep all your cards safe.

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